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Jane! Stop this crazy thing!
Left: Rosie the Robot 2010 Hallmark ornament says 4 phrases from the 1962 TV show, The Jetsons.  Right:  George and Astro  2008 Hallmark ornament plays the intro theme from the show.©  H-B prod.

Lionel Barber Shop. Lots of model train layouts had barber shops, but none like the Lionelville animated barber shop.

Remembering the '90s

Tribute to Trendmasters

SF on Blu-ray

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future:
 the classic '50s UK  adventure strip, now at the Robot Store

Electronics Lab inventor named among "50 Best Brains in Science"

ReBoot Revisited.  With the first all CGI weekly show out on DVD we revisit Dot, Enzo, Bob and Frisket. Alphanumeric!

The key to fun. Unwind in the wonderful world of robot wind-ups.

The Wait is over. The first Zeroids comic is here from Moonstone Comics. But don't run out and get it for your kids.
Read our review. is a robot and retro toy site created in tribute to
Ideal's Mighty Zeroid robots of the 1960s.

Above left: The Zeroids are coming! This card was
handed out at comic cons in 2008.

Below: The original Zeroid trio is shown below in this illustration
from an Ideal catalog for stores (l to r) : Zintar the silver explorer;
Zobor the bronze transporter; and Zerak the blue destroyer.

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