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The Zeroids Movie: A Review

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Zeroids Movie

The Zeroids come to life in the dazzling CGI film,
Zeroids: Return to Planet Zero from Planet Zeroid Studios.
See our review below.

The film was scripted by James Gillam, author of the excellent guide to all things Zeroids, Space Toys of the '60s. This full-color, large size paperback also covers Mattell's Man in Space, Major Matt Mason, and the Colorforms Spacemen.


The Zeroids movie was made in 2004, and the DVD is copyrighted 2005. As you can see from these screen pics, it's a labor of love, and it's just dazzling. If you still get charged up watching the old Ideal Zeroids commercials on You Tube, wait 'till you see this!  The whole gang is here: not only Zerak, Zobor, and Zintar, but also Zogg, the Zeroid commander, Zemo, the red prototype, and the very strange Zeroids Alien. Also appearing are Zogg's accessories, the Spaceship later released as the Star Team Starhawk, and even Big Max, the conveyor toy from the '60s, that seems perfect for this movie. There are also some newly invented characters, but it's amazing to see these iconic robots in action. Lights, camera, Zeroids!

These images of the film are all courtesy of, where you can buy or rent the film, play Zeroids games, see Zeroids in action, and more.

The DVD case says "Voyage 0", and the disc is a DVD-R, NTSC format. It wouldn't play in my DVD player, so I watched it on my Mac. There's no talking, but there's instrumental and some vocal music. The box lists the bands as follows: Magic Sound Fabric; Ulrich Schnauss; Lemongrass; FC/Kahuna; and Mark Tucker. I'm not familiar with any of these atists, but some of the instrumental music works well, and lends a haunting sense to, especially, the scenes of planetary landscapes.

There is a plot, although it unfolds slowly without any dialogue, and the story is quite ambitious. Almost too ambitious, because the 60 minute film ends, "to be continued" like a matinee cliff-hanger serial. Some of the scenes are more like videos, which makes the story more confusing. However, there's no doubt about what's up at the end, and the story drops off at a crucial part. Why didn't the story continue? Funding problems? Legal problems when Captain Action Enterprises launched the Zeroids comic book (see review on the main Zeroids page)? Who knows? But Zeroids collectors will love watching this wonderful film regardless. The website (see link above) lists the cost at around $25 for the DVD, and there's also a link to rent it. It's also sometimes on E-Bay. Don't miss this great film.

planet zero