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Invader Zim

Above: The star of Jhonen Vasquez's uniquely tweaked Nicktoon makes an appearance at this robot site on the thin premise that Gir may be a robot, assembled as he is by the Tallest from parts on hand. Be that as it may, Palisades Toys sneaked out this great Zim house in 2005. We say sneaked, because did you know it was out? Probably not, because it was sneaked out (there's that word again) in three sections in the blister packs for three Series Two figures: Human Disguise Invader Zim, Doggie Disguise Gir, and Gaz. Nothing but tiny print in a small black circle on the packaging suggests it's there, but stuffed in behind the figures in these three packages are pieces which go together to build this towering, 15 inch masterpiece of Irken engineering, complete with guard gnomes and "I Love Earth" banner. Each set retailed for around $15 in comics shops, and lends credence to our view that, in Zim's words, "The invasion continues, Earth Monkeys!"

Above: Gir invites some passing Millenium Daleks over for waffles. Daleks seem to be absolutely invading this site. Below: These three packages hide the unassembled house.

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