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Treasure X Mega Robot

The Treasure X robots from Moose Toys have some affinites to their earlier Treasure X dinosaurs and aliens. They come in three sizes. The two smaller sizes are packaged in "blind boxes", so you don't know which robot you're getting from a variety of styles. Parts are swapable between same-sized robots. In the Gold series, one in twelve boxes has the gold jewel, although I'd hope that's not why someone might collect these robots. The box warns it's not for under 3 years of age, due to small parts.
You don't only dig for treasure, but for the robot parts. As it says on the box, "Remove", "Build", "Discover".  Those three invitations correspond to the three containers inside the outer box. The first is a clear blue tank, which one turns upside down, filling it with water to remove "rust" from the robot carcass. Then one uses the key to get the robot out of the tank. The second box may be opened with the other end of the key which looks like a little saw (and often without it). This holds more parts for the robot. The third box is very fun to open. Although it looks like solid plastic, you can crush it and rip the pieces apart. There's a bit of clean up of the "rust" which is like brown water, and the dirt or sand in one of the boxes.

Above left: The Mega bot, which has lights and sounds. In TV commercials it looks like it moves on its own, but look closer and you'll see the hand moving it. Middle: The unboxed robot. Right: The robot's hand can be manually moved to crush the gray box, but it's more fun doing it yourself. The box advertises "25 levels of adventure", which means there are that many steps to building it. As you can see, the robot is clearly displayed, not "blind boxed". Also, you always get the gold.

Below Left: the box for the midsize robot. It advertises 15 levels of adventure, each shown by a  small picture on the box. It also reads "6 Robots to Collect" as shown on the Collector's Guide in the box. Once built, the robot is about five inches high, and can be displayed on the blue tank.  In the ten inch high box are the tank and two other containers of robot parts.

Treasure X Robots

Below Left: Goldweb, built and standing on the tank. Right: Goldiator, ready for battle, keys at the ready.

Treasure X Robots
Treasure X Robots

Below Left: A Collector's Guide to 16 mini bots, which have 8 levels of adventure. Right: An unboxing video for mini bots by Adventure Fun, which has various videos on Treasure X Robots and other toys and figures.

Collector's Guide

Adventure Fun video

Below Left: The onscreen logo for Planet Zizzle. Right: A mini bot unboxing video airing on Planet Zizzle.

unboxing Treasure X robots

Planet Zero