great robots & toys
from the space age

Wind-Ups and Tin Toys

All is quiet on the peaceful planet....

Above: Schylling Atomic Raygun in action. Pull the metal trigger and you generate sparks at the muzzle. Red raygun shown above. There's also a blue one. This well-made tin toy is rated ages 5 and up.
The role of the rampaging invader robot above was played by "Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Tin Robot". Although this puzzle is rated level one, I had to go to and print out the instructions.

Schyling Mini Tin Robots Wind-Ups from 2015. Four shown of an assortment of designs and colors. These brightly colored, tin lithographed robots measure just over two inches, and walk when wound.
Above: Arriving fresh from the robot factory.
Above right: They converge on a Hexbug platform through a Geomag transport portal, in the small Magellanic Cloud.
Right: In the lunar landscape of the Space Fortress.

Above: Toysmith Never-fall wind-up robots from 2010 were available in six colors and two styles. Left: Dark pink round robot with Secret Saturdays Cryptopedia. Middle: Dark pink, light blue, light pink, and green robots wait at Robotix space train station. Right: They're equally at home at Dexter's Lab Colorforms set.
Below: A never-fall Toysmith "Freaked Out Alien" saucer invades the station. Middle: Two saucers collide with the space train. Robots ride the lower level Geomag space track, as two Tomy wind-ups pass on the upper level.

Below left: These tiny robots led the pack of Tomy's famous white knob wind-ups, which came in a few variations. usually they were found in displays of Tomy animal wind-ups, and have been perennially popular for decades. Middle: Later they were individually carded as "Rascal Robots". Right: Two robots discover a mysterious Geomag pyramid, the glow of which highlights their metallic, electroplated plastic bodies and translucent domes.

Above left: Masudaya's metal wind-up space car has a captive key, and depicts "Smoking Spaceman" robot on the roof. Masudaya's plastic wind-up Robby comes to the rescue of the crashed space car. Above right: an interstellar light show bathes Masudaya's Robby and B-9 wind-ups. Each feature color matched winding knobs: black for Robby, and silver for B-9.
Below left: wind-ups then and now. A recent tin repro of one of the first tin robots, Robot Liliput, in a green variant poses with Futurama star, Bender, from Rocket USA. Both have large, removeable keys. Below right: an invasion force of green and red tin and plastic ZV200 robots, from Playgo, distributed by Russ. They're wound by a small built-in lever on the side, and have a pre-worn, "distressed" look.

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