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Dr. Who's nefarious nemesis, the Daleks, invaded the new millenium in 2001 via Britain's Product Enterprise Ltd., the new BBC licensee for Dr. Who. Above is the talking Dalek, on the rampage after having discovered that he's not in either of these Dr. Who DVDs. With five authentic Dalek commands and flashing LEDs, and somewhat reminiscent of the early Marx talking Dalek, these new models were very well-made, available in three colors and retailed at around $40 US. Wreaking havoc since 1963, the Daleks recently celebrated a fortieth anniversary of destruction.

Below: Buzz Lightyear has his hands full with these three little roll-a-matic Daleks. Here they've attacked the Interplanetary Headquarters as they plot the Doctor's demise. "Menacing Motor Action! Fully Articulated! Highly Detailed!" touts the ad copy, but that is almost an understatement. They are very-well made and finely detailed, and have pull-back motors. Four different sets, each with three 2.5 inch daleks were available for around $25 US per set of three. Product Enterprise also released talking Davros and Cyberman, and a radio command Dalek.

Below: Pretending to be dormant, the talking Dalek and roll-a-matics have escaped from their packaging, and as shown on the stunning graphics by Graham Humphreys on their boxes, gone on to wreak havoc.

Below left: "We're going to ravage like it's 1999," Millenium Dalek number one may be singing as he surprises Dr. Wiley, nemesis of MegaMan, in his lab. This was the first of a set of six Millenium Daleks released by Dapol in 1999.
Below right: Each blister- packed Dalek included a voucher. Collect all six and you could send in the vouchers for a Millenium Dalek Presentation Box. These four inch tall Daleks had pull- back motors and were part of a huge line of Dapol Dr. Who toys. Dapol Ltd. also ran The Dr. Who Experience and Dapol Toy Factory, located in the Lower Dee Exhibition Centre, Llangollen, UK.
This just in: Daleks have invaded Zeroidz, and may be seen at large on the site.

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